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15 July 2018
Family BBQ

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Village Show

Circuit Training most Thursday nights from 7–8 pm. 
Please contact Helen Hiscox 07836 684974 or check the website

Yoga – regular classes on term-time Tuesdays  from 7.30 to 8.45pm.   For further information please email:
Or call 07789 893771

Arts and Crafts

We periodically hold Arts and Crafts sessions when you bring your own paints or craft project and join like-minded people to have a go.  There is no formal tuition but the idea is to share tips and advice.  There is a £2 charge per person to cover hall costs.   Please get in touch with if you are interested.  I can then advise the next proposed dates.  Our get-togethers, when they happen, are often on a Monday evening at 4pm but we would like to hear from you if you would prefer a different day or time.

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Family BBQ
Sunday 15th July
From 12 Noon
Tickets  £10 , £6 for children 6-14 years, under 6 free
All the BBQ favourites, locally sourced, and strawberries and cream.

Please contact for further information.


Forthcoming Events

Please let us know if you have any particular requests.